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Roasted Chicken Recipes

Using the holiday season fast getting close to, it's time to glow in the dessert department. In addition to the usual festive fare, the reason why not dress things up for the holidays with Anna Olson's sweet and effortless hacks? Just follow these fun, fresh and flavourful ideas to make good make use of of your holiday components, and take your Christmas making cookies to the next stage.

The variety of eggs, cream, sugar plus booze, eggnog is the particular quintessential holiday drink. Together with a little ground nutmeg and rum extract, is actually easy to infuse this drink's festive flavour into desserts, too. Anna shows that only a dash regarding rum (or rum extract) and ground nutmeg provide buttercream frosting an unique "eggnog" flavour. Swirl the particular sweet spread onto her Flourless Mini Vanilla Gourmet cupcakes and sprinkle nutmeg upon top to complete the appearance.

Or, for a decadent sweet treat, stir nutmeg and rum extract directly into Anna Ol…

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